May 2019
IF Blanco, Recoleta
Santiago, Chile

May 30th, 2019 was the first Fungus Night, an annual gathering at which we presented the residencies and exhibitions we have held to date in order to promote the beauty and importance of the fungal universe. We also shared our 2019 project and the important works of art that we were conducting that year. It was a night dedicated to our collaborators, artists, and friends of the Museum. We took inspiration from the Ballistospore spore, which discharges from the mushroom’s fruiting body in order to continue with the fungi’s reproductive cycle.

With the Ballistospore’s action, that night we dove into the micro-world of fungi through the actions of three Chilean artists, Alexandra Mabes, Elisita Punto and Natalia Cabrera, converging body, light, and sound in order to generate a fertile explosion that will help us expand the Fungus Museum’s mycelium.

We were also joined by the FADEU Bio FabLab, with a montage of the production process behind biomaterials made based on mycelium. DJ Haiti set the music for the rest of the event.


Acción Balistoespora / Natalia Cabrera, Alexandra Mabes, Elisita Punto

Proceso / Bio FabLab FADEU

Risografías / Rosario Ureta