2 – 18 SEPTEMBER 2022

The effects of egotistic capitalism and the current systems of power have brought a crisis that expands from the geological to the individual; positioning depression as the number one cause of disability nowadays. However, last decades Psilocybin research in mental health has had positive and encouraging results for treatments, re-opening up a space for further investigation in psychotherapy with psychedelics. Fungi emerge to be a perfect ally to promote a biocultural paradigm shift, but the magic mushroom experience needs a culturally-agreed context where the alterations of consciousness are meaningful; only by integrating and comprehending them psychologically and socially, we will be able to practice new, egoless ways of being in this world, and build a sustainable future in sync with our shared ecologies.

Holy Children, a family-oriented, three-chapter, contemporary art and science exhibition, enlightens diverse historical events related to two magic mushrooms; the fly agaric, Amanita muscaria, and Psilocybe species. Through interactive, sound, dead, and living pieces from 17 international artists, the show reflects on the cultural entanglements of these hallucinogenic mushrooms that appear at the intersection of science, spirituality, and popular culture. Holy Children invites the audiences to deconstruct and recycle extractivist narratives, and immerse themselves in a playful, learning experience. Magic mushrooms, allow us to romantize life again; as in children’s brain and mind, a state of openness and genuine curiosity in unlocked, in which the discursive spaces of patriarchy are not stablished, giving the green light for new stories to take form. [DISCLAIMER] Holy Children aims to share cultural links of some psychoactive mushrooms with humanity. Under no circumstances do we promote or recommend consumption without the accompaniment of a professional.


Funghiversum collective (Katja Tannert, Rommy Gonzalez, Niklas Potthoff, Alessandro Volpato) / “The wide wood web” (2022)

Alanna Lynch / “Disident matter” (2021) & “Show of Strength” (2021)

David Fenster / “Fly Amanita” (2010)

InkAgop / “There and here” (2014) & “There and Here 2″ (2015)

Kat Harrisson McKenna from photograph by Lajoux / “Algerian cave mushroom man” (1961)

Brian Blomerth / “Mycelium Wassonii” (2021)

Alexander Main / “Mushroom Stones” (2020)

Lucía Hinojosa / “Altares dialógicos” (2022)

Nicole L’Huillier & Patricia Domínguez / “Leche Holográfica” (2021)

Nicole L’Huillier & Daniela Catrileo / “Nampülwangulenfe / Mapunauta”

Miguel Canal / “Biomas” (2012),“Mushroom veil coming off 3x & 4x” (2021) “Esta es mi vereda” (2013)

Gracia Echeverría / “Dear Psilocybin” (2022)

Benjamin Bacon /  “Neural Dreams/Human Machines: 82 Layers of Inception” (2014) “Ice Cream Dream” (2018)



Curator: Juan Ferrer

General Production: AnaRosa ibáñez

Montage: Nicolás Oyarce

Design: Rosario Ureta, Joaquim Fruta

Communications: Francisca Keller

Registry: Nicolás Matzner, Claudia Müller

Thanks to: Jorge Briseño, Nicolás Spencer, Valentina Berthelon, Ginés Olivares, Sofía Casarin, Julián García-Reyes, Valeria Divinorum.