2 – 18 SEPTEMBER 2022

Holy Children it’s a three-part, oriented to families, art and science exhibition, which highlights diverse historical moments related to two magic mushrooms: Amanita muscaria and Psilocybe species, and the current research on the latter for mental health treatment. Through interactive, sound, organic, and inorganic pieces, the show reflects on the cultural entanglements of these hallucinogenic mushrooms that appear in the intersection between science, spirituality, and popular culture. 


María Sabina, the Mazatec curandera, called the magic mushrooms ‘niños santos’ or holy children; bringing infantry and an unprecedented syncretism to the discussion around magic mushrooms. The magic mushroom experience has been also described as if the mundane aspects of life are seen in a new, ‘childlike’, very often comic, light way; the smallest details appear beautiful and heavy with meaning; feelings of familiarity, recognition, and philosophical connections flash into the mind that brings the user to a new mystical sense of connection and responsibility. However, what does it mean to see life as a child? Magic mushrooms allow us to romanticize life again; as in children’s brains and minds, a state of openness and genuine curiosity is unlocked, in which the discursive spaces are not established, giving a green light for new stories to take form.


Holy Children is an invitation to re-learn the world with Fungi in mind; a window to healing our inner child in the middle of the ecosocial crisis we are facing; their culturally-engaged entanglements that have defined how we relate to Nature and spirituality; and ultimately to learn the incredibly positive scientific results of research in psychedelics for psychotherapy.


The exhibition will take place in 3 different art spaces in Berlin

  1. Abteilung für Alles Andere (Institut für Alles Mögliche)
  2. KSTN – Kastanien Projektraum
  3. Rhizome Laboratory, Moos




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Funghiversum collective: Katja Tannert, Rommy Gonzalez, Niklas Potthoff, Alessandro Volpato / “The wide wood web” (2022)

Alanna Lynch / “Disident matter” (2021) & “Show of Strength” (2021)

InkAgop / “There and Here” (2014) & “There and Here 2 (2015)

Kat Harrisson McKenna from photograph by Lajoux / “Algerian cave mushroom man” (1961)

Brian Blomerth / “Mycelium Wassonii” (2021)

Alexander Main / “Mushroom Stones” (2020)

Lucía Hinojosa / Altares Dialógicos (2022)

Nicole L’Huillier & Patricia Domínguez / “Leche Holográfica” (2021)

Nicole L’Huillier & Daniela Catrileo / “Nampülwangulenfe / Mapunauta”

Miguel Canal / “Biomas” (2012), “Mushroom veil coming off 3x & 4x” (2021) & “Esta es mi vereda” (2013)

Gracia Echeverría / Flexibilities (2022)

Benjamin Bacon / “Neural Dreams/Human Machines: 82 Layers of Inception (2014) & Ice Cream Dream” (2018)