Mapu Kufüll

Sebastián Calfuqueo

The Occupation of Araucanía or Pacification of Araucanía (1861–1883) was a series of military campaigns, agreements and penetrations by the Chilean army and settlers into Mapuche territory which led to the incorporation of Araucanía into Chilean national territory. Pacification of Araucanía was the expression used by the Chilean authorities for this war and acculturation of the territories of the indigenous Mapuche. 

During this period of war and until today, mushrooms are a very important source of food for Mapuche communities, so the grandparents teach the children the techniques to collect them correctly, without damaging the mycelium so that it continues to fructify, with respect to the other of not inflicting damage.

Mapu Kufüll (land seafood) is the Mapudungun name for mushrooms and also the name of this animated ‘story’ that reflects on the cosmological perspective of the Mapuche people in relation to mushroom picking and how mushrooms have been a symbol of resistance.


A fungus garden



Direction: Sebastián Calfuqueo

Text and voice: Ange Valderrama Cayuman

3D Animation: Valentina Riquelme

Sound: Sebastian Calfuqueo

Trompe sound: Eli Wewentxu

English translation: Jorge Pérez

Mapudungun translation: Jaqueline Caniguan

Special thanks: Juan Ferrer, Nicolás Oyarce, Fer Walüng, Felipe Maltés.