Museos de medianoche

November 2018
Casa O, Barrio Lastarria.
Santiago, Chile

Dormancia, a performance piece presented by the artists José Bidegain, Tatiana Carbonell and Futuro Fósil aka Elisita Punto for Apparition #2, “Vigilantes”, was also shared in the context of Museos de Medianoche at Casa O in Lastarria. They were joined by artist/performer Ignacia Ferrer and multimedia artist Óscar Llauquén, with projections that reacted on-site. Llauquén projected visual and poetic manifests commemorating Camilo Catrillanca, a mapuche youth who was killed by the Chilean police force just a few days before this exhibition.

Artworks / Artists

Dormancia – Futuro Fósil, José Bidegain, Ignacia Ferrer and Oscar Llauquén
Guía de campo Hongos de Chile Vol. 2 – Giuliana Furci, Fundación Fungi
Pleurotus ostreatus – Juan Ferrer
Mucor – Fernán Federici, Jim Hasseloff
Sphaeroteca pannosa – Fernán Federici, Jim Hasseloff
Cucurbitaria laburni – Fernán Federici, Jim Hasseloff