Pleurotus ostreatus

Këtrawa / 2016 – 2018
Daniela M. Guzmán + Mutantes Valdivia + Këtrawa / 2018
Daniela M. Guzmán / 2019

The cultivation of oyster mushrooms –Pleurotus ostreatus— reveals these beings’ life cycle within a museum space, also showin the substrate in which it grows and upon which it feeds on, the expansion of mycelium, the formation of primordia, and the manifestation of the carpophore, cap, or mushroom. This piece is part of the collection of mediation pieces that the Museum usually presents for its apparitions, with the purpose of familiarizing audiences with a few basic concepts regarding the Fungi Kingdom. The harvesting of these mushrooms is a group activity that is often followed by a dinner that lends itself as an intimate setting for the Museum’s community.