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Planet Fungi CCLM

Centro Cultural La Moneda, Santiago, Chile
February 3, 10, 17 & 24, 2023
More than 80 people explored the diversity of the national funga starting from the revision of the Colección Única Extrema (Unique Extreme Collection) and from modeling the 8 species that make it up with clay.

Planet Fungi: Patrocinio San José School

Patrocinio San José School, Santiago, Chile.
October 13 to November 18 / 2022
Curiosity and admiration for the fungi kingdom were the inspiration to explore and get to know a selection of GIRA works, and from them, create and mount an exhibition of art and science open to the school community.

Planet Fungi: Sagrado Corazón School

Sagrado Corazón de La Reina School / Santiago, Chile
August 10 to September 8 2022
In this experimentation and creation extracurricular program, we have taken inspiration from a selection of artworks from GIRA and based on these we have created, together with ninety 6th grade students from Colegio Sagrado Corazón de La Reina, an arts and science exhibition for the entire school community.

Art and Science Club: The World of Fungus

Mustakis Foundation / Santiago, Chile
MAY 3 TO JUNE 28, 2021
At the club, we connect mycological and artistic contents by exploring GIRA’s interactive website and reviewing some of the artwork exhibited there. Together with over forty girls and boys, we created new works of art that were put on exhibition and shared with the community.