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Museo del Hongo is a non-conventional museographic space dedicated to resignify the Fungi Kingdom

Museo del Hongo is an unconventional museum space dedicated to resignify the Fungi Kingdom. Through the combination of contemporary art practice and scientific research, we design immersive experiences in which a variety of interdisciplinary works are displayed, raising awareness on the ecological relevance of Fungi and encouraging its research by any of its disciplinary dimensions.

Fungi are crucial for the natural balance, as they create rich soil by reprocessing decaying matter, perpetuating the ecological cycle. However, Fungi have been neglected through biology’s history, acknowledging them as an autonomous Kingdom in 1969, and by today it is estimated we only know 5% of the world’s fungal biodiversity. In times when human activity is altering our entire planet, learning from our natural recyclers will definitely contribute to a more sustainable future for humanity.
Taking Fungi as a museographic and artistic object provides us with a pioneer proposal of interdisciplinary practice. Like mushrooms, Museo del Hongo appears and every time it becomes much more than an art show: a lab, a playground, an unprecedented site that facilitates cultural exchange and interdisciplinary education by the merging of art and Fungi.

Our team

Juan Ferrer

Director and Curator

Nico Oyarce

Creative Director

Ana Rosa Ibáñez

Executive Director

Carola Roa

Mediation Director

Rosario Ureta

Design Director

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