GIRA: Affective Strategies in the Digital Exhibition Space

4 de Noviembre 2021
Transmisión en vivo canal de YouTube Museo del Hongo

The Fungus Museum’s first “GIRA” is a virtual art and science exhibition regarding the Fungi Kingdom. This exhibition combines technology, art, and mycological investigation in a website that contains –amongst other formats– documentary videos, 3D animation, and photographs of our country’s fungi species. In order to visit, all you must do is enter the website from any device, desktop or mobile.
The virtual room is located in an imaginary forest and can be set to day or nighttime, depending on the time zone detected upon entering.
The tour works by rotating 360 degrees and clicking on different objects in order to display their contents. The rotation is done by clicking and dragging to each side with the mouse, and in addition to objects, each room contains “portals” that allows one to travel between them. All of the virtual works of art that we can find throughout the tour are accompanied by a soft voice-over that explains each one’s mycological contents, along with a sign language interpreter translating this information.
Each room also contains a technical specifications sheet that describes the pieces it contains.



Moderado por Juan Ferrer Participantes: Natalia Cabrera, Javier Garay




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