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PUDRYENDO / (Im)possible Listening

25 de mayo – 3 de junio 2022
Centro Cultural de España

For the Fungus Museum’s 17th apparition, decomposition and fermentation are at the center of the experience and reflection so that we can ask ourselves: how can these processes be understood as a transition between autonomy and a collective? An invitation to accompany us on this transition, which begins with the performance “Pudryendo” by the artist Maria Landeta and continues with a gathering in which we will share fermented foods and words.

To decompose and transform what is indigestible into food can be a (non)place of thought that articulates multiple, uncoordinated, and proliferating minimal expressions. Minimal and resounding in the quest for undoing the impermeable division between environment/existence. An (inter)dependent existence, a political place that moves ableist autonomy, leaving us in an (inter)dependent vulnerability that intentionally ruptures the arduously worked autonomy with the unpleasant (not always pleasant) surprise of having to learn to allow ourselves to be accompanied… An articulation that is as minimal as it is fierce, resounding, and discontinuous.


Creation, sound and performance: María Landeta y Rodolfo Opazo. 

Lighting: Manuela Mage. 

Writing Companionship: val flores

Curators: Carola Roa, Juan Ferrer

Coordination: Carola Roa y equipo CCE

Registry: Ika Silva y Joaquín Jiménez

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