27 – 29 de mayo, 2022

Universidad de la Frontera
Pucón, Chile

Fungi are fantastic. They enchant from multiple perspectives. Their colors, textures, temporality and ecological role make them enigmatic and admirable. It’s only been a few decades since we’ve begun to decipher their ubiquity and importance in and for all of the biosphere’s ecosystems. The Araucania region, known worldwide for its natural attractions and its ecosystems, has suffered a long and tragic environmental history. This territory’s native forest is home to the most marvelous species of Flora, Fauna, and Funga. Forests are complex and interconnected ecosystems, and we understand that fungi play a fundamental role in their recovery and integrity. Today, taking care of and regenerating the forest is a social responsibility.

In this context, it becomes completely necessary to exalt the Fungi Kingdom, as a strategic component for the conservation of the forests of the temperate rainforests of southern Chile. Festival Reino Fungi contributes to the knowledge of native Funga through awe and enchantment. A work that is both interdisciplinary and collaborative amongst different local institutions, and which invites the community to learn and fall in love with the Fungi Kingdom.



Coordinación general: Carola Roa

Montaje: Nicolás Oyarce



Hypha / Natalia Cabrera