25 de noviembre – 2 de diciembre

Centro 14K
Valdivia, Chile

“The gathering seeks to articulate the artistic proposals with the university and city’s cultural ecosystem, investigation, creation, and infrastructure, occupying different spaces such as Galería Réplica, the Emilio Pugín building, Centro 14K, and Galería Barrios Bajos. This territorial distribution throughout the city incorporates the need for displacement as a decisive aspect of “Undisciplines”, inasmuch as its current realization emerges as a displacement of the works of art from the virtual format in which they were exhibited at the 2020 Ars Electronica Festival to a physical and in-person format; geopolitical displacements that seek to situate the works and investigation and creation processes in their contexts of emergence; institutional displacements that place institutional spaces in a relationship of permeability with the purpose of activating collaboration networks; and disciplinary displacements that seek to escape from the division between disciplines in order to open up emancipated and non-restricted forms of investigation and creation. Finally, the proposal convokes works of art that are associated to displacement that is historical, as well as a political, social, ecological, material, and bodily, and which comprise models for reflection that are critical of the present.

The gathering articulates the projects “Valparaíso Brushwood Garden” by the Universidad de Valparaíso and its Center for Artistic Investigations, which addresses the contradictions of a ruthless neoliberalism and the new normal; “Mutaciones” by the Universidad Austral de Chile explores, through different work processes, the uncertainties of the present; “Terra Ignota” will present part of its work as a multidisciplinary collective based in Tierra del Fuego-Patagonia. The Fungus Museum will show “A Fungus Garden”, proposing new perspectives in order to understand ourselves as living ecosystems, while “SPACE / EARTH / WATER TRIAD” by PRISMA: Arte, Ciencia y Tecnología invites us on a journey that travels through spaces such as art, science, and technology, in a powerful visual web that combines video installation and documentary footage formats.


Sun Sun / Konantu 

Rotten Body / Nico Oyarce, Alexanda Mabes, Ana Rosa Ibáñez

Mapu Kufull / Seba Calfuqueo

Local fungi that looks like human body parts / Juan Ferrer

Calm 2 / Futuro Fosil, Jose Bidegain