Colección única extrema

Fundación Fungi

The Unique extreme collection is a selection from Fungi Foundation’s fungarium, presented for the first time to an open audience. Composed by eight mushroom specimens that grow in Chile in some of the most extreme conditions, these were recollected in different regions of the country by Giuliana Furci, who relates each species to an extreme experience. The piece highlights the fungus’ adaptability as an evidence of the Fungi Kingdom’s ubiquity, in addition to their relevance within the ecological cycle. Thei ability to grow under extreme condicitons, determined by the type of substrate of environmental conditions, evidences a perpetual energy that integrates life through death through the fungus’ associations to each ecosystem.

The conventional notions of the fungarium (collection, curatory and museography) are reformulated by this intersection between art and mycology, putting each individyal –and the experience of collecting– in the place of an artistic creation. The assemblage allows to appreciate Chile’s fungal biodiversity as part of our natural patrimony.