Myceliating Minds Through Art

Juan Ferrer, Nicolás Oyarce, Giuliana Furci

In the context of the Telluride Mushroom Festival (CO), two of our artists carried out an artistic action together with the director and founder of the Fungi Foundation, Giuliana Furci, who is also the project’s scientific consultant. The performance explained the museum’s history, presenting it as a space that explores, tests, creates, materializes and triggers fungal solutions so that humanity can continue to move forward, both in practice as well as in spirit.

The creation –and the commitment to the application– of resistant and innovative materials; the installation of sensations that replicate the forest within the city; the search for ways in which to adapt to a planet in crisis without denying us the possibility of expressing feelings; the exaltation of the art of science, the art of existing, the manifestation of the purest love for the Fungi Kingdom. This is just part of the Fungus Museum.

We are an experience. A space for exploration, and also for repose. A space for communion and for the explosion of passionate and unconditional love for the Fungi Kingdom.


Telluride Mushroom Festival